Frequently Asked Questions.

    Answers to some of your questions regarding our services.
    Do I have to lease a new car (s)?
    It’s recommended that you do, since maintenance costs are low and performance is at its optimum, there’s also an option of leasing a second hand (used) car(s) that’s not 5 years past its manufacture date.
    Who is VAELL?
    Vehicle and Equipment Leasing Limited ( VAELL ) is  the leading  independent asset leasing,  maintenance and consulting  company  in Eastern and Central African region offering operating lease on all moveable assets. Started over a decade ago in Nairobi , Kenya , we have grown in leaps and bounds into a comprehensive network with fully fledged subsidiaries  in five countries : VAELL Kenya , VAELL Uganda, VAELL Tanzania, VAELL Rwanda and VAELL Zambia.

    Our extensive client list bears testimony to our ability to provide organizations of all sizes with invaluable leasing solutions that help them successfully compete and grow. Over the years, we have developed extensive experience across a wide range of industries such as manufacturing, mining, Construction & energy, IT, telecommunications, retail, health, medical and pharmaceutical, education, banking, insurance, hospitality, entertainment, Governments and regulatory bodies.
    I want to lease a vehicle (s). Where do I start?
    Just send an email to or call 0786 982 479 requesting a lease for a Vehicle (s) or Equipment and we shall set you up with a leasing expert to discuss your leasing needs.
    What documents are needed for one to lease?
    Some of the documents we require include your audited accounts for the past 3 years, Director’s PIN, a Certificate of Incorporation, a Tax Compliance Certificate, a Memorandum of Association and an Article of Association.
    How long is the process of leasing a vehicle (s)?
    After having all the documents necessary it may only take 3 to 4 weeks.
    How soon do my payments start once the equipment is delivered?
    Normally your monthly lease payments will not start approximately 30 days after we have made a verbal verification of acceptance of the equipment. We also let you pick your own due date without any extra cost to you because no one knows your monthly cash flow better than you.
    What are my options at the end of the lease?
    Within Thirty (30) days after your lease has been paid in full all rentals owing, you shall then have three(3) option upon giving written notice:
    • To purchase the equipment outright.
    • To renew the lease.
    • To return the equipment. 
    Can I pay the lease off early?
    Yes, VAELL Leasing will offer your company the option of buying your lease out early without penalties. . This is done by calculating the net balance at the time of your request, adding your F.M.V. purchase option, current lease taxes on that amount and any uncollected property taxes due for that year. This will discount all remaining lease charges and tax obligations of your lease.
    Can I return the equipment and stop payments?
    No, the lease is non-cancelable. You may return the equipment after all the lease payments have been made or pay your lease out early as we talked about above.
    How long can I lease for?
    A minimum of 3 years and a maximum 0f  4 years with options of renewal.
    Can I Lease soft costs or software?
    Yes, the general rule of thumb is:Soft costs for software, training and installation is limited to approximately 25% of the hardware cost and is taken into consideration on a case by case basis.
    Is the lease transferable?
    Yes, assuming that the new lessee is will credit qualify.
    Can I purchase my lease vehicle(s) or equipment at the end of the lease term?
    Sure you can, through a 3rd party we give you first hand right of disposal.
    Do i have to purchase all my furniture or equipment from the same dealer?
    No, knock yourself out, shop till you drop! Any combination of equipment type or number of vendors can be put on any one lease.
    What about licensing and warranties for this equipment?
    The licensing and warranties offered by the dealer and the manufacturer are passed directly to you.
    Can I put money down on the lease?
    Yes, if you wish to put money down as a cost reduction over and above your advanced rentals.
    What if i already own the equipment? Can I lease it?
    Yes, as long as the equipment or furniture was purchased from the original vendor within the last 90 days and we can verify a clean title.
    How do I benefit from leasing than buying?
    You save 30% corporate tax as a result of leasing.You concentrate on the core business of your organization.No heavy assets on your balance sheet among other many more benefits here.
    Other than leasing what other services do you offer?
    Other services we offer include: fleet management, asset tracking, we insure your vehicle(s) or equipment on your behalf, vehicle and equipment maintenance and service and lease consultations.
    Does my lease payment include maintenance?
    Vehicle and equipment maintenance is optional.

    Do you have additional questions not answered above?

    If so, feel free to give our leasing representatives a call at 0786 982 479 or email us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible.